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“Years ago, we all talked about recycling and not dumping things down your drain and all of that, but talking doesn't help much. Basically, it's going to have to be legislation because the impact is so huge and diversified”. Ted Danson

Taking care of cardboard…


At Waste Man Ltd, we really do care. Not just about the bigger picture of protecting the planet, but about helping you recycle valuable resources, reduce your carbon footprint and saving you money.


As experts in our field, having provided hassle-free cardboard and paper collection, recycling and recovery solutions for over many years, we can confidently offer affordable waste management services that are as good for you as they are for the environment. That means fast response times, value for money and excellent customer service are our main priorities.


Furthermore, if you can guarantee to provide us with bulk quantities on a regular basis, we will be more than happy to come and collect your cardboard and paper on a free of charge basis.

We take recycling seriously

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